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Getting Started with Flight Training – My Plan

I’ve just posted the first video in a series I’m doing on my journey toward a private pilot certificate (aka a pilot license).

A short trip in an old Cessna last year and the purchase of a drone several months ago reawakened an old desire to learn to fly. At first, I just started flying in X-Plane, a flight simulator, which is what I had done before when the bug hit, but this time a confluence of events led me to start seriously considering the real thing.

So back in the spring I started taking a video ground school and studying everything I could get my hands on, and spent some time looking at various options for how to start flight training.

This video is the first in a series where I’ll document the approach I’ve decided on for getting from zero flight hours to a private pilot certificate. This video series is an experiment. My idea is to document what I learn along the way, not so much about how to fly (the industry and the Internet have that well covered already), but about my journey from here to there, told as it happens rather than in hindsight.

This is an exciting project: I’m putting this major life goal out there for the world to see before I have the accomplishment well in hand, and that’s something I’ve never been very comfortable with. I prefer not to talk about things I’m working on, or working toward, or “gonna do someday”, because we all know the guy who’s always going to do something. So publishing this series is my way of affirming that all the other thousand things that can and do prevent someone from earning a pilot certificate will not in fact prevent me from earning a pilot certificate.

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