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Related Documentation: Master’s Thesis

SSML, the Software System Markup Language, is the result of my Masters Thesis work at The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). SSML is an attempt to define a generic representation of source code written in imperative programming languages. The common representation format chosen by SSML is an XML dialect based on the work done by Greg Badros for JavaML.

The impetus for development of JavaML was a desire to compare software metrics for source code written in different programming languages. Computing metrics on software projects of non-trivial size is hard work, best done by computers. Work done by Etzkorn et. al. has shown that different implementations of the same metric computations can have different results because of differing assumptions and interpretations of the metric definition. To reasonably compare metrics taken on software written in different programming languages, one would like to use the exact same metric implementation, but to do so requires somehow converting software written in different languages into a format that the single metric computer can use. Enter SSML.